Partnering with NAMI-Ohio on Landlord Incentive Fund

Luken Solutions wrote the successful grant application for our client, NAMI-Ohio, to Anthem Health for $100,000 to implement a Landlord Incentive Fund in SE Ohio.  The RFP for the fund was issued to over 35 mental health providers and local authorities in a 21 county area of Appalachian Ohio on May 20, 2019.  Providers in […]

Another’s memory & mothers’ courage is transformational

“There was no place for people to go,” cried Marcia Knapp, “at one point, our son asked to be put in a jail cell to feel safe.” Oh Marcia, to think it took Adam’s and then Amanda’s suicides to get our attention!  I am so sorry for that, but we finally have that place for […]

What? You mean political leaders can work together and get positive change done?

Much of the news about our country’s leaders and their policy debates are sounding childish and immature to me.  I have to admit, I turn it off or walk away – thinking – Geez grow up! Then, I got word of a local news story.  I’m inspired and awe struck.  This is an antidote to […]

Steampunk It!

  Several months ago I attended the 35th anniversary gala for Homefull, a nonprofit organization that provides an array of services, housing and shelter to end homelessness.  Their gala’s theme was Celebrating our Past, Transforming our Future.   It was held in a former steam plant re-purposed as an event space, which was very creative.  The […]

5 Considerations in Starting a Not for Profit

In June 2017, I had the honor to teach a class for SCORE on how to assess whether nonprofit status is a path for a business idea.  We had a great diverse body of students attend and therefore excellent interaction and questions. In this workshop, we covered: The basic federal requirements to create & sustain […]

Twitter – the Work Water Cooler of our Time?

The number of headlines these days about our federal government is making me wonder if anyone is doing anything other than gossiping around the new “water cooler” of our times – twitter. I need more facts and less gossip – especially about what is getting done at the federal level. Cabinet members are providing leadership […]

Memorial Day – something in addition to the upcoming sale?

“Memorial Day Sale” is a common phrase in our lexicon.  When I researched photos to attach to this blog, many of the images where for sales or stated with excitement Happy Memorial Day!  It is nice we have this day or long weekend to picnic, celebrate the beginning of summer, and shop. The Day though […]

The Importance of Mentors

The importance of mentors keeps coming up. At the Ohio Diversity Council’s 8th annual Women’s Conference, I heard inspiring stories from women and men leaders about who contributed to their success.  At the Columbus Landmark Foundation’s annual meeting, held in an historic “old deaf school” re-purposed as an academic high school, the new school’s curriculum […]

3 Steps to Housing Affordability

Professional speakers often break down complex issues into threes.   Memory experts say if we block long sequences of numbers in small blocks, people will remember the sequence  – hence phone numbers in the US are sequenced 3-3-4.  And the old rock group, Lnynrd Skynrd, knew something about this when their song implored a potential adversary […]

He Made a Profound Impression Upon Me

…his wit, his brilliant mind, his profound statements, his commitment to people and in the end his caring heart.  Glenn Hopkins, the Executive Director emeritus of The Main Place, was laid to rest on March 18, 2017 at too young of age.  How unfair that life gave Glenn the challenges of a severe mental illness […]

Sally’s experience, expertise and curiosity about our field were very helpful to the Vets@Home project as a whole, and to me personally.

- Karen Bartos, CSH
Luken Solutions