Republican Presidential Debate? I think I was on the wrong channel.


Ten seemingly intelligent men stood on a stage in my home state of Ohio Thursday evening and fielded questions from a panel of news reporters from one sponsoring network, FOX. This event aired exclusively on that channel and was available only if you had cable.

It was called a debate.

Debate? I understood a debate was something entirely different than what I viewed. According to the dictionary, a debate is “a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.”

I think we need a new term for the program I watched that evening. I propose that what I viewed be renamed amusement arcade. Arcade is defined as “a place where many games can be played by putting coins in them” – hence the row of grown men, who will accept all types of coins to give you a chance to play with them…and Amusement well, The New York Times headline today sums that one up “Trump Steals the Show, Mixing Politics and Pizzazz.”

My hope for Americans is that the media calls it like it is – it’s not a debate but an amusement arcade. Maybe the art of true debate is gone. I hope not.

Photo courtesy of: Wizard of Oz Game by VegasCasinoKid at English Wikipedia. Licensed under CCO under Wikimedia Commons.

Sally is dedicated to ending homelessness in Ohio, and across the country. Her knowledge of systems, processes and people has led Ohio to make significant strides toward this goal.

- Holly Denniston, Loan Officer, CSH
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