Caitlyn Jenner back in the News Again


Caitlyn is in the news again. She certainly is receiving lots of publicity for herself and in the process has shed light on transgender people. But, I’d rather read, hear and talk about some amazing people who have been working less publicly for years to address the transgender issue. Meet Jama Shelton, PhD and Lesly McMillian. I did. This past week at the National Alliance to End Homelessness conference in Washington DC. Jama and Lesly told of their work to help end homelessness for LGBT youth and young adults.

Jama told a heart-touching story of an awkward and uncomfortable moment in public when a barrister told her she messed with his head regarding her gender identity. Lesly talked about homeless youth who want and need compassionate and non-judgmental adults who understand their gender identities and their sexual orientations. Both women represent organizations devoting time, money and energy to ending homelessness in a caring way for young people who struggle with these issues. Each offers all of us information and tools to better respond to transgender youth and to prevent and end their homelessness. So, Caitlyn, move over. You may be getting more press, but these women are getting more done!

Sally Liken is the consummate professional. She was able to facilitate the collaboration of a variety of stakeholders that made the initiative that much more successful.

- Diane Cilento, United Housing Connections
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