He Made a Profound Impression Upon Me

…his wit, his brilliant mind, his profound statements, his commitment to people and in the end his caring heart. 

Glenn Hopkins, the Executive Director emeritus of The Main Place, was laid to rest on March 18, 2017 at too young of age.  How unfair that life gave Glenn the challenges of a severe mental illness and in the end rare brain cancer?  But Glenn knew how to use these challenges to teach, educate, advocate and serve consumers of mental health treatment.

He taught me that people with brain disorders are as bewildered by their behaviors as a result of the disease as any of us.  He taught me that despite a brain disorder, a consumer of mental health services could lead a successful organization and build a supportive housing project!  He didn’t give up on anyone and he didn’t give up his dream of helping consumers have a safe, affordable place to live in his hometown of Newark.

Glenn, I thank you for everything you gave to me.  It was an honor to work with you, The Main Place and all the partners in developing The Place Next Door

(The Place Next Door is a 10-unit $1.4MM apartment building providing supportive housing for individuals with long term homelessness and persistent mental illness. The project is owned and operated by The Main Place, a consumer-operated organization.  The Place Next Door is located in a small city with a population of 47,573 in a rural/suburban county in Ohio. To learn more about how Luken Solutions can assist your community, contact us at sally.luken@lukensolutions.com)

Luken Solutions did an extraordinary job in getting us grant funds as well as implementing invaluable tools to measure metrics and outcomes.

- Ken Prunty, formerly House Manager, Serenity Street Foundation
Luken Solutions